Sometimes being TG really isn’t about the perceived glamour. It is about the pain and trying to ease it by squeezing in a quick dress session when you only have half an hour no razor and no make-up. People don’t understand that. They think you can just give it up. This is my painful response:

As I awoke from a deep slumber one day I thought to myself: This issueless life is getting pretty stale. So my mind wandered and lead to me pulling out a list of possible psychological conditions, you know to spice things up! My heart leapt as I noticed one hidden among the (manic) Depressive’s, the ADHD’s, the OCD’s and a plethora of other syndromes and disorders which for some or other inexplicable reason, none seemed to appeal to me. So it happened I (merrily) decided to give being transgender a go since compared to most, it sounded like a hoot! What the list failed to mention was that in stark contrast to pretty much everything else on that (damn) list, this one does not garner a lot of sympathy. None at all to be sure. But by then I was kind of stuck with it though since the “Psychological Condition Shop” does not make exchanges, do refunds and they sure as hell don’t take anything back from anyone. So, since no-one regards this a “genuine condition” (and most seem to only regard it a perversion), the question was:

“Why don’t you just stop? Give it up. I mean, it’s a choice after all.”

Yes, very much the same way a (manic) depressive can choose to not be depressed, I suppose. Look at that (normal) guy over there, yesterday he chose to not be autistic anymore…

Well, for what it’s worth, I did (quit)… Once… For seven years.


If I were less of a coward, I wouldn’t have lived to tell of it.

“So why don’t you do it (quit) again?”

I am more courageous now.