Thursday rolled round again and to get the weekend started this meant: Men’s night! My husband is a good provider for our family, steady and secure mostly loving and caring but maybe slightly on the boring side.

Thursday provides him with an opportunity to unwind with the boys and me with some time away from him. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband but being around him all the time can be a bit tedious. The kids keep me busy all day so it’s good to have a break and just do some girls’ stuff. My friend Jenny knows he is normally out on a Thursday and she is normally not loathe to seize the opportunity to make a girl’s night of it. I wonder if she’ll phone?

My husband Jake helped me put the kids to bed early, their complaints falling on deaf ears, neither of us willing to forego an evening away from them. They are lovely obedient children and we love them to bits but every good parent needs a break to stay a good parent.

Jake gave me a good wholehearted kiss and then he was off. I watched the tail lights go past the window and through the gate. The gate closed  and the car disappeared into the distance. Oh what to do, maybe read a bit? No maybe do some of that crocheting he so loathes when he’s around? No… no, too boring. What about a good soak in the tub with a book or a magazine? Some female company would be great though…

“Ring ring!” Ah the phone, I hope it is…

“Jenny! How are you? I was just thinking about you! You’re In the neighbourhood? Oh, it would be such a treat to have you round! I’ll see you in five minutes then. Bye!”

I stood in anticipation at the window as the headlights pulled into the driveway. Quickly I opened the gate and Jenny’s little car drove in with the gate slamming shut behind her.

“Jenny! So good to see you!”

With boundless excitement I threw my arms around my friend to welcome her in.

“How long’s it been? Two weeks! Can’t be, it felt so long!”

She was  wearing a simple raincoat with flats and her hair seemed to be a bit of a mess. She carried a big bag under her arm.

We entered the house as I offered to make her some tea.

“Oh, that would be great, haven’t had any since my last visit. It’s so good to see you Lidia. I so wanted to come last week but the others threatened to find a replacement if I excused myself one more time!”

Quickly I closed the passage door to the kids bedrooms and turned the lock. They’ll make their presence felt if they needed assistance, and we’ll have the lounge area all to ourselves without some very sleepy, yet very inquisitive eyes snooping around.

As I brought the tray of refreshments back, Jenny had taken the liberty of stripping  down to her very formidable underwear in the guest bedroom. She was checking her bouncy hair in the mirror as I placed the tray on the dresser.

“Are you still wearing that granny underwear?” I teased.

“Unfortunately I’m not blessed with a naturally shapely figure like yours my dear.” She responded. She was off course right, though I would leave it unsaid.

Jenny liked to play dress up. At first I thought it to be quite weird but since we both had kids and got very little opportunity to dress up for a fancy do anymore, it became fun to dress up at home even if it was just to watch a movie. For those moments the TV room would be transformed into an opulent theater and we’d be the glamorous royal guests of honour sitting in the best seats in the house. It was great fun.

Jenny handed me a package with a beaming smile:

“This is for you!”

I could hardly contain my excitement as I ripped the package apart and the soft material cascaded down to the floor. It was an exquisite slinky dress with an open back that would almost reach to that other cleavage! Almost, but not quite.

“Jenny you shouldn’t have!”

Jenny had excellent taste and knew what would suit my figure well. I was very excited as I bounded  down the hall to my cupboard and pulled out the appropriate underwear from my drawer. That new low back bra would come in handy! Armed with the right shoes to boot, I hurried back to the guest room where Jenny had managed to squeeze into her attire for the evening already.

“Zip me up please!” She requested as I pulled in.

Jenny, as per usual, was wearing a very dramatic dress with long sleeves that covered most  of her slender body. I suppose she needed it to hide all that underwear! The waspie I noticed earlier doing a great job at giving her a feminine waistline. She looked quite elegant and had little trouble in negotiating the towering heels she had donned.

As I tried to catch up dressing Jenny did her make-up and I noticed her practiced hand. Neither of us were too fussy preferring a natural understated look.

We were off to the lounge and the carpet became our runway as we transformed into glitzy supermodels. We took turns to strut our stuff as we tried on some of the other things Jenny had brought with. Finally we reverted to our original gowns and sat down on the couch exhausted by now.

Hoping that Jenny would come round I had rented “Message in a bottle” a tear-jerker of note.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed as the VIP’s moved to the theater.

Two hours later I noticed a tear running down her cheek.

“You’re such a softy!” I exclaimed.

She looked at me as I noticed a sadness in her eyes.

“Look at the time!” she exclaimed as she teetered as quickly as she could on her heels to the guest room where she ripped off her dress and put the simple clothes she came with, back on.

As she ran through the door she shouted:

“Chances are I’m going to be kicked out the group, then we can do this every week if you’re game.”

She was out the gate in a flash before Jake came home.

The phone rang again. It was Jake. He’d be home in five minutes.

“So, what did you get up to?” Jake inquired.

“Jenny came round. We dressed up.”

“Sounds like fun, maybe I should have stayed!”

“We watched Message in a bottle.”

“Ugh… Glad I left!”

That night as my husband snuggled in behind my back, I thought about my friendship with Jenny. At first I was very apprehensive. Why would this weird acquaintance from Jake’s work be interested in friendship with me? But she was quite persistent as I initially tried to put her off. In time though our relationship grew to be something akin to best friends. I loved her zest, her spark, her impulsiveness. Her live for the moment attitude and her enjoy the unadulterated indulgence motto. I wished we could meet up more often…

My thoughts turned to my husband. It was good to have his presence back in the home. To feel his strength and hear his steady breathing. I flayed myself into his embrace. I loved his calm demeanour, his steadying reasoned approach to life and the way he seemed to adore everything about me. Maybe he is not that boring after all…